Friday, June 23, 2006


Hello my friends. I know its been a while. What can I say my life is not that exciting : ( First and formost hope all the bloggers are doing well in this hot nasty weather. As for me im good, happy to be alive and here.

How many of you out there has been broke I mean broke to the point that you are looking for change all over the house or where ever just for you wouldn't have to waste the little bit of money that you got LOL. Well that would be me right now. I've been broke before but this is the most I've ever been. I believe it would have to do alot with the fact that I'm moving out of my parents house (its about time). Yeah for the first time ever my sister and I will moving away from my parents. I sucks to be broke especially during the summer time but I gotta do what I gotta do. Lets see what else is going on. Well my boo and I decided that we should take two steps back on our relationship for many reasons don't want to get into that but I feel much better about it. We both know that things might change for the better or for the worse so lets see what happens. Hopefully this summer would be an unforgetable one cause my last couple of summers have been pretty boring lol. Anyway gotta go have to work to do. See ya later, peace.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


1. I don't like when I can't be myself around someone.
2. I don' t like when men leave the toilet cover up.
3. I don't like when people leave the tooth paste cap open.
4. I don't like phony people
5. And I specially don't like people who gossip about other people.

So let me know 5 things you hate or dislike about what people do

Friday, February 17, 2006

I think its time for a new blog what do you think guys. LOL. Whatever.

So how's everybody doing in the blog world. As for me I've been missing in action but I'm back and ready to go. So for the past couple of weeks I've been in crazy funky moods and can't really explain why. Usually I'm always the jolly one but lately that hasn't been me. I'm the type of person that no matter how hard I try to hide what I'm feeling you still could see right through me. I've been improving a little though instead of having a dog face all day or not talking at all, I just try to laugh things off or try to think about the good times I had and the crazy things I did. It works, sometimes! I think that my problem is that I think too much about things and it bothers me when I do not control over other people's actions. I wish I could just get into peoples brain and know what they are thinking, life would be so much easier, for me atleast. LOL. Unfortunately life is not that simple and easy and sometimes we have to face challenges and go through things that you would never think you would go through. That's just LIFE.

Other than that everything else is cool I'm just chillin living day by day and see what the future holds for me. I want April to come so bad is not even funny, can't wait for that hot nice weather nice pool and beach. I can't wait until my feet touches the sand and feel the heat of the sun on my body and drink nice cold pina colada with a cherry on top. Ahh I already see it as I'm typing it. LOL can't wait can't wait can't wait. Ok enough for today see ya later peace. I'm gonna see what other bikini I would look good in to buy on line.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I wish I could eat everything the way I use to and not get fat. Now after my 25th Birthday its seems like my matabalism is slowing down. What the fuck is going on. I've always been skinny almost my whole life. Now I have big hips and ass (god forgot to bless me on the top area but that's ok some guys like small tetas) and a pouch on my stomach area. The thing is I'm going to Miami in April and I have to loose at least 3-5 pounds and if that doesn't happen then at least my stomach area. Almost all of my clothes do not fit me anymore. I'm actually going to the gym though. I going to try my best to look fabulos for this trip so I have like 3 months to do it. What do you think, could I do it? Lets wait and see only time will tell, he he he. Pray for me guys thanks. Eating healthy sucks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


What makes you happy, what makes you say (damn I feel great, I feel good about that or I'm happy I saw he/she today.) As for me, what makes me happy are:

1. Having good health
2. Good food
3. A good relationship in all aspects with my other half
4. Family

So scoop me in, what makes you happy list a couple

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm so tired of being tired and bored
I need some excitement in my life I'm bored. Sometimes I just want to do something so crazy I just won't do it alone. It would have to be with somebody who brings it out of me. Its not that easy for me to do something really spontaneous, there has to be someone who is very spontaneous and takes the fear out of me and makes me feel comfortable while doing it. I think that is a turn on for me in a man. A man who is not scared to do wild things just because, don't get me wrong I also like a man who has his sensitive side as well. Anyway I'm going away so lets see what happens lol. I will keep ya posted. : . )

Thursday, December 22, 2005


How do you know that the person your with is the one for you. Is it something you feel within your heart, would you know right away when you first meet that person, should we believe in faith. I always ask that question to my self and others. They have replied that you just know and sometimes you just don't but you're willing to take that risk. A while back I always knew who I wanted to marry and have kids with but now all that's changed. Am I 25yrs old and I feel like everything I planned since I was a little girl (as far as that goes) is not going to happend. Do you guys think I'm thinking way too much ahead or am I right for worrying about my future and what it holds for me as far as FAMILY is involved. A lot of people say, auh your still young to think about that, have fun, enjoy your life bla bla bla. I think I'm already at that stage that its time to settle down with somebody . Trust me I think I've had plenty of fun. I just wish I make the right chose. I know 2 people that would want to marry me. The question is who will I marry? To be continued